The Cannabis strain Type: 

  • Lemon Haze (Hybrid Sativa ominating Cannabis Flower)


  •  Sativite

THC content per gram: 20.9%

CBD content per gram: above 1%

Parent Cannabis Strains:

  • Lemon Skunk
  • Silver Haze

Benefits of Lemon Haze are:

  • euphoric effects
  • energy-boosting
  • stress relief
  • relief from anxiety

The cultivation ratio: 

Indica – 30%

Sativa – 70%

Cultivation History: 

The one cannabis plant that is the closest thing to a freshly peeled lemon is the Lemon Haze Cannabis Strain. This is because the plant not only smells like lemon, But it tastes like a sweet lemon too. The cultivation is done with two popular plants. One being, Lemon Skunk, the other Silver Haze. Each is potent in its way. Giving Lemon Haze its terpenes and cannabinoids. Creating euphoric effects on the human brain. The light yellow tinge to the green leaves makes the buds stand out.

Cover them with yellow and orange pistils. Tarnishing in lighting is its crystal trichomes. Showing the true quality of Lemon Haze. The Strain is a dominating Sativa Hybrid. Offering consumers energy boosts, Stress relief, and even euphoric effects. Lemon Haze as a cannabis strain sits around 12 to 25% THC content per gram. So ensure you check the label of your contents before consuming it. Making Lemon Haze a medium to high range cannabis strain


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