The Cannabis strain Type: 

  • Pennywise is an Indica Dominating Hybrid cannabis flower


  • (kind Libra) Kind Medical

THC content per gram: 6%

CBD content per gram: 6%

Parent Plant strains: 

  • jack the ripper
  • Harlequin
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Benefits of Pennywise Cannabis Strain are:

  •  Pain Relief 
  •  Energy Boosting
  • Creative thoughts
  • Euphoric effects reduce stress and Anxiety

The cultivation ratio: 

Indica – 30%

Sativa – 70% 

Cultivation History: 

What do you get when you cross Jack the ripper strain with a Harlequin? A Pennywise Cannabis Strain. Now the Sativa dominating Hybrid packs a punch. Averaging between 6-12% THC content per gram. However, the fascinating thing about pennywise is its matching near matching CBD content. Ranging 6-10% in CBD. Offering consumers extreme euphoric effects. The strain begins with a small head buzz. Reaching all the way down to your toes. After this, the strain’s full effect begins.

Pennywise helps getting rid of unwanted pain. Giving you an energy boost. While the feeling of Euphoria aids stress and anxiety. Giving your brain a clearer mind allowing for more creative thinking. Pennywise was first cultivated by TGA Subcool Seeds. The year of this is still unknown. However, the years of research have mastered the cannabis strain.


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