The Cannabis strain Type: 

  • THC 25 Whole Flower (Master Kush) Indica Type Cannabis Flower


  •  Tilray

THC content per gram: 25%

CBD content per gram: Below 1%

Parent Cannabis Strains: 

  • Hindu Kush
  • Skunk Master kush
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Benefits of are Master Kush Cannabis Strain: 

  • Body relaxation
  • anti-depressant
  • pain and ache relief
  • Anxiety

The cultivation ratio: 

Indica: 100%

Sativa: 0%

Master Kush Cannabis Strain took Hydros 1st prize in the 1994 Cannabis cup, and for good reason. Also, being one of Snoop doggs favourite strains of cannabis! Master Kush has been found world wide in cannabis coffee shops. Offering consumers a sweet earth scent while tasting a wood like aroma. The cultivated flowers are rich with trichomes. Pretruding orange, yellow and red hairs.

The Cannabis Strain carries chromosomes four times higher then diploids (standard buds). Ranging between 16-20% in THC levels. Because of this, it makes the cannabis a strong strain. Although not overwhelming to the first time consumer. Master kush offers a peaceful mind, while increasing alertness. Also, making the person feel relaxed. The cannabis strain is popular for aiding aches and pains while relaxing uneased nerves.


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