Buddha’s Sister (Nollia) MedReleaf

The Cannabis strain Type: 

  • Buddha’s Sister (Nollia) Indica Strain


  • MedReleaf

THC content per gram: 4.3%

CBD content per gram: 6.5%

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Benefits of Buddha’s Sister are:

  • Altering the state of mind
  • Deeper thoughts 
  • Relaxing body and mind
  • Reducing stress and anxiety  

The cultivation ratio: 

Indica – 80%

Sativa – 20% 

Cultivation History: 

The dutch descending Buddha’s Sister or Nollia by MedReleaf strain is among some of the best coffee shop strains in Amsterdam. First cultivated by soma seeds. The strain contains traces of afghan and Hawaiian Landrace cannabis strains. Consuming the product Relaxes both the body and mind. Reducing levels of stress and anxiety. Altering ones state of mind will aid for a form of pain relief. The strains THC content is quite low for a cannabis flower. Coming in at only 4-6% THC.

however the CBD content soars at 6-8% CBD per gram. Well above the everyday hooter. Australia are now cultivating Buddha’s Sister for its therputical benefits. Aiding people with ill all around the world. The taste of Buddha’s Sister (Nollia) MedReleaf emits blueberry, an earth like citrus with a hint of cheese.


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