Henik Cannabis Strain

The Cannabis strain Type: 

  • (Henik or Skywalker Kush) THC 18 Sativa Dominating Hybrid Cannabis Strain


  •  Althea

THC content per gram: 18% 

CBD content per gram: Above 1%

Parent Cannabis Strains: 

  • Alien Technology
  • Chemdawg
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Benefits of Henik Cannabis Strain are:

  • Pain relief
  • stress release
  • Aids Anxiety
  • mind relaxant
  • creative thoughts
  • Arousment

The cultivation ratio: 

Indica – 60%

Sativa – 40%

Cultivation History: 

Henik Cannabis Strain cultivated by two main cannabis strains. Both of which offer their own diverse effects. The first one is the legendary ‘Chemdawg’. Chemdawg is a well balancing Sativa Dominating Hybrid. Given the name 7 years ago. Since then the cannabis strain has gained in popularity. The iconic smell and effect are what separates the strain from many. Emitting an earthy diesel like taste. Offering vibrant green colours as a finished product.

Second, for the cultivation is ‘Alien technology’. Alien tech as we know it is an Indica strain. The history of the strain is rare. However, we can tell you an American soldier brought the seeds to America from a tour in Afghanistan. A company called OBsoul33t cultivated the seed turning it into what we know it as today. The luscious trichomes and spicey taste and aroma are famous. While offering a diesel like taste. Alien tech offers a slightly different high than your average Indica strain. Stimulating the user from head to toe. featuring in some of the strongest Indicas in the world.


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