The Cannabis strain Type: 

  • Amnesia (THC 22 Desert Flame) Sativa Dominating Hybrid Cannabis Strain


  • Little Green Pharma

THC content per gram: 22%

CBD content per gram: Above 1%

Known Parents: 

  • Amnesia Cannabis strain
  • multiple Thai origin cannabis strains
  • Mexican origin cannabis strains
  • Afghani Origin cannabis strains

The benefits of Amnesia Cannabis strain are:

  • Energy-boosting
  • feelings of Euphoria
  • uplifting effects
  • Reducing stress and anxiety

The cultivation ratio: 

Indica – 40%

Sativa – 60%

Cultivation History: 

The Amnesia Cannabis strain resides as a traditional masterpiece. The cannabis strain is of Both Thai and Afghani cannabis strains. The main two are Cinderella 99 and the famous Jack Herer cannabis strain. Both the strains give Amnesia an unmistakable high. each plant donating its own unique terpenes and cannabinoids. Offering consumers the smell of sweet citrusy lemon. Underlying with a hint of wood. The Taste is a lemon-like taste with an earthy aftertaste.

The THC content for Amnesia is around 18-24% THC content per gram. We warn consumers to understand the appropriate dosage for the user. The cannabis strain is potent. Producing uplifting energy. followed by a full relaxation of the body and mind. Creating feelings of Euphoria for hours. These effects on humans will prove great in a time of need. Patients undergoing certain treatments may be able to use Amnesia as an alternative. The strain aids medical issues throughout the world today.



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