The Cannabis strain Type: 

  • Whole Flower 10:10 (Warlock CBD) Even Mixed CBD and THC Cannabis Flower


  • Tilray  

THC content per gram: 10%

CBD content per gram: 10%

Parent Cannabis Strains: 

  • Warlock
  • Cannatonic

Benefits of Warlock CBD Cannabis Strain are: 

  • stress reliever
  • aids anxiety
  • anti-depressant
  • calms body and mind
  • enhances brain focus

The cultivation ratio: 

Indica: 80%

Sativa: 20%

Cultivation History: 

Warlock CBD Cannabis strain derives from ‘cannatonic’ and ‘warlock’ cannabis strains. Making Warlock CBD an Indica dominating Hybrid. Offering wooden earth like odours. The cultivated flower offers terpenes found in pepper. Giving it such a unique taste. The buds emit thick orange pistils throughout the buds. Warlock CBD has a THC range between 14-20%. While having a CBD content between 6-17%. Making the cannabis buds a moderately potent mix.

Meaning, the strain is friendly to people who are not regular smokers. Consuming the product relaxes the mind and body. Also, aiding anxiety stress and sleep issues. While many take it as a means to optimise brain focus. Although over time the strain will wear down causing you to become sleepy.The Cannabis Strain will take between 8-9 weeks for full flowering.



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