Mariposa Cannabis Strain

The Cannabis strain Type: 

  • The Mariposa or OG kush cannabis strain is a (Sativa dominating Hybrid Cannabis Flower)


  • ANTG (Australian Natural Therapeutics Group)

THC content per gram: 14%

CBD content per gram: Above 1%

Parent Cannabis Strains:

  • OG Kush

Benefits of Mariposa or OG kush cannabis strain are:

  • Relief from chronic pain
  • Aids Insomnia
  • reduces symptoms associated with PTSD

The cultivation ratio: 

Indica – 30%

Sativa – 70%

Cultivation History: 

OG Kush is a Sativa dominating hybrid cannabis strain. Although the strain is known for producing a dense body high. The vast relaxation of OG kush is what makes the strain so sort after. The premium OG Kush first came about in the early ’90s. Cultivating the strain in NOrthern California. Crossing it between Chemdawg and Lemon Thai cannabis strains. Keep in mind somewhere along the lines Hindu kush has been a part of the OG Kush journey. The OG kush’s special batch of cannabinoids and terpenes are the reason Aussies are using it as a form of medical benefit today.

Giving people relief of chronic pains from head to toe. Aiding complications like insomnia. While Reducing the symptoms associated with PTSD. This includes Stress and Anxiety. The Mariposa Cannabis Strain or OG kush cannabis strain is an ‘Original Gangster’. Portraying the buds as tough and strong. And yes that’s exactly what it is. A tough Hit knocking out many different health related issues. Ranging between 14-20% THC content.


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