Critical Super Silver Haze

The Cannabis strain Type: 

  • Critical Super Silver Haze Sativa Dominating Hybrid Cannabis Flower


  •  Beacon Medical 

THC content per gram: 18%

CBD content per gram: Above 1%

Parent Cannabis Strains: 

  • Super Silver Haze
  • Critical Mass
  • Northern Lights
  • sativa dubbed Haze
  • Afghan Haze
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Benefits of Critical Super Silver Haze are:

  • Energy booster
  • stress relief
  • helps with anxiety
  • Increasing appetite
  • psychedelic (pending on potency)

The cultivation ratio: 

Indica – 60%

Sativa – 40% 

Cultivation History: 

Critical Super Silver Haze derives from two main cannabis strain. Both strains are world renowned favourites. Starting off is Super Silver Haze. Only winning High time Cannabis Cup three years running between 1997, 1998, and 1999 Super Silver Haze claiming 1st prize every year. The shear look of the strain emits diamond like trichomes, along with Bright orange hairs. Both dazzle in the persons eyes. While it looks inviting, the cannabis strain is a potent mix. Ranging in the mid 20% range for THC levels.

Moreover, next in line is Critical Haze. Critical Haze is an Indica dominating Hybrid. Crossing critical mass and Afghan Haze created this beast. The cannabis strain is known for its lethal punch. Although potent, the long lasting effects of critical haze is why it is so sort after as a strain. Sitting between 20-25% THC content. Because of this, it offers an intense high. Users experience a mellow hit at first. Over time it will begin to creep. All in all, making you want to do nothing but enjoy what you are enduring.


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