Kosher Kush Cannabis Strain

The Cannabis strain Type: 

  • Kosher Kush is an Indica Dominating Hybrid Cannabis Flower


  •  MedReleaf

THC content per gram: 21.5%

CBD content per gram: Above 1%

Parent Cannabis Strains: 

  • Hindu kush
  • Lemon Thai
  • Chemdawg
  • OG Kush

Benefits of Kosher Kush Cannabis Strain are:

  •  Powerful sedative
  • Aids people with insomnia
  • reduces stress
  • relieves anxiety
  • pain relief
  • Increasing appetite

The cultivation ratio: 

Indica – 90%

Sativa – 10%

Cultivation History: 

Not many people come across a strain that has been blessed by a Rabbi. Well, Kosher Kush Cannabis Strain has. Offering Extreme Sedative effects. The Indica Cannabis Strain received multiple Awards. Taking the ‘High times Indica Cannabis Cup’ in 2010 and 2011. As well as The ‘High times medical cannabis in 2012, and for good reason. The Cannabis strain offers a strong high. Often, leaving the consumer body rocked and relaxed. While sedating the person immensely. Kosher Kush will leave you stoned for hours. Meaning, people should ideally take the strain at night time or afternoon.

This is because the strain’s effects can alter someones state of mind. Causing you to lose focus on the tasks at hand. Being a popular strain in California, the strain did not actually originate from there. Instead, Kosher Kush was once deemed ‘the Jewish Gold’. Later on, changing the name to Kosher Kush preventing it from being offensive. The cannabis strain emits a pine like taste. All in all, the buds will emit Dark green colours. On average, the cannabis strain ranges between 20-26% THC.



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