The Cannabis strain Type: 

  • Hindu Kush Cannabis Strain is Hybrid Cannabis Flower


  •  Tasmanian Botanics

THC content per gram: 6%

CBD content per gram: 8%

Parent Cannabis Strains:

  • Hindu Kush

Benefits of Hindu Kush are:

  • creating calmness throughout the body 
  • aids sleep
  • aids muscle tension
  • Euphoric feelings

The cultivation ratio: 

Indica – 100%

Sativa – 0% 

Cultivation History of Hindu Kush: 

The Hindu Kush Cannabis Strain is one of the most traditional cannabis strains in the entire world. The cannabis strain emits massive amounts of trichomes. Dosing the bud in a thick layer. Aiding the plant in its harsh grown habitats. The Hindu Kush originates in Pakistan and Afghanistan. From there the plant was cultivated. Growing in popularity over the years. Growing into the modern age in California. Nowadays we consume the strain for its euphoric effects.

The strain began as a way of making the cannabis product Hash. Its tough outside allows for a vast amount of the extract to be drawn from the bud. The THC content varies between 6-20%. While the CBD content is between 5-10%. The strain proves to be potent in all aspects. The strain gives consumers many different benefits. Aiding in sleep, muscle tension, while creating a sense of calmness.


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