The Cannabis strain Type: 

  • THC 6 CBD 8 (Balanced Kush) CBD and THC Even Blend Cannabis Flower


  •  Tasmanian Botanics 

THC content per gram: 6%

CBD content per gram: 8%

Parent Cannabis Strains: 

  • Hindu Kush

Benefits of Balanced Kush Cannabis Strain are:

  •  feeling of calmness 
  • Pain relief
  • Relaxation
  • Aids sleep

The cultivation ratio: 

Indica – 100%

Sativa – 0%

Cultivation History: 

Balanced Kush Cannabis Strain is a newly cultivated cannabis strain. Therefore, not a lot of information is actually released to the public. However, what we do know is that Balanced Kush comes from the legendary ‘Hindu Kush’. Hindu Kush is an indica cannabis strain. Offering a sweet wood like smell. the buds give off forest green leaves with light orange pistils. The unique part of the strain is the thick layer of trichomes. This is because cultivating Hindu Kush began in Pakistan and Afghanistan. The countries harsh climate gives the cannabis strain its own unique features.

The THC content ranges in the mid levels of 20%. Giving you a euphoric high while giving the consumer pain relief by alleviating tension. Taking your mind off whatever pain is in your body. its relaxing effects will aid people to sleep.


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